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Fifo Capital Cash Flow Solution
Client Satisfaction: "There is no way a bank would be that flexible or reasonable in their costs. I would highly recommend their services to any developing business."

Unique Short Term Funding

Fifo Capital's core expertise lies in providing quick, simple and effective finance solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Whether your requirement is $5,000 or $250,000+, we can assist you without the need of property security, and we can do this in 24 hours – no one else does it faster.

Invoice discounting is one of the fastest developing financial services for businesses worldwide. It is a highly flexible, economical and proven way to help finance your business and manage your cash flow. We are providing cash flow finance solutions and invoice discounting services also we have offices located in different cities of Australia like Brisbane, Townsville, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

The core product is called “invoice discounting”, which means we purchase one or more of your accounts receivable (invoices) from you at a discount. What you get is immediate payment, in cash.

We have two financial products, which depend on whether you want to insure the sale of your invoice to us, or not. If you choose the insured option, then as long as the invoice in genuine and undisputed, there is no future obligation by you after the invoice sale.


Invoice Factoring

So there are no surprises, our involvement is fully disclosed to your customer. This is done in a very professional manner ensuring your relationship with your customer is not affected in any way.

We fund either a single or small batch of invoices that you have selected; there is no need to hand over your entire customer base or debtor ledger. In this situation, your customer is aware you have engaged our services and agrees to pay the account direct to us.

Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps;

  1. You invoice your client.
  2. Within 24 hours we pay you up to 90% of the invoice value.
  3. When your client pays the invoice, we pay you the remainder of the balance, less our fees.

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How It Works

Fifo Capital understands that time is critical when it comes to managing your cash flow – so our process is simple which allows us to the fastest provider of invoice factoring on the market.

The first transaction typically takes around 24 hours. For all further transactions, the turn-around time might be as little as two hours, and all we require is simply a fax or email providing the details of the invoice(s) you would like us to finance.

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Do You Qualify?

Fifo Capital offers finance to most forms of business entities including;

  • Sole person-trader companies
  • Trustees of a trust
  • Multi person companies.

The following check-list will help determine if your business will qualify for funding;

  • Your customer is creditworthy and will pay the invoice
  • Your customer is a registered business
  • Your invoice represents a product or service that has been provided or delivered
  • Your invoices are not overdue or in dispute.

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Fees and Charges

Our fees are very straight-forward and disclosed to you up front so there are no misunderstandings or surprises.

Our fee is based on a sliding scale and typically, a discount of fee approximately 5.0% of the invoice value is charged, however, the final fee ultimately depends on the length of time taken to collect payment from the debtor.

There are no application or establishment fees.

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Quick Extracts from Testimonials

  • There is no way a bank would be that flexible or reasonable in their costs. I would highly recommend their services to any developing business.
  • We could expand at three times the rate.
  • Fifo’s invoice discounting has allowed us to keep a positive cashflow and meet the demands of our customers.
  • All our requests have been met with the minimum of fuss and the process is very simple to use.
  • I would happily recommend Fifo Capital.
  • Fifo Capital easily met my short deadline and delivered exactly what he promised.
  • Fifo Capital allowed our business to grow at a rate that would not have been possible.
  • The Fifo factor has impacted very positively on cash flow.
  • The service is extremely easy to use and no fuss forms make a simple task of application.
  • They work very quickly to solve problems.
  • We are rapt we have made the connection and enjoy the no hassle and positive moves towards the future.
  • We would highly recommend their services to any company.

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Case Studies

Case Study 1: Manufacturer of Food Storage Bags, Australia

Problem: Producing food storage bags for one of Australia's leading logistics company, our client found they needed additional funds to meet the growing demand of this customer. With traditional forms of finance such as overdrafts exhausted and an urgent order pending, they needed funds quickly to buy materials (cash on delivery). Initially, they needed $35,000 to see them through this new order.

Solution: Fifo Capital was able to free up the $35,000 from their debtors allowing them to buy the materials to meet the order. And, the entire process took 24 hours from the initial enquiry to funds in their bank account. The company continues to grow at a faster pace than they had ever envisaged.

Case Study 2: Excavation Company, Australia

Problem: Digging pipelines for some of Australia's largest construction and building companies our client found they couldn't start new projects as many of these customers  were paying on average 50-60 days after the invoice was raised. This was causing problems not only when machines needed to be serviced and pay for fuel, but they were also having issues on collecting funds in time simply to pay for their staff. The first time they required funding they had $23,500 in invoices owed.

Solution: Fifo Capital was able to advance 80% or $18,800 of the $23,500 owed within 24 hours allowing the client to meet their immediate need of paying salaries and buy fuel. Two months later, they were able get further advances on other invoices allowing them to start a new project with one of Australia's leading developers. Thanks to Fifo Capital's innovative funding solution, the client was able to start other new projects. Today, the business has grown by another two operators and is making profits they had only ever dreamed of.

Case Study 3: Firewood Provider, Australia

Problem: Winter is the time of the year when people like their log fire heating. However, the wood needs to be harvested, picked and packed in the months leading up to winter. The first delivery of wood was made to the retailers - but the invoice terms were 30 days. When a cold snap hit in late autumn, the retailers needed more wood, but our client needed payments to be able to re-stock. And they now needed to pay for salaries as well as ship in the next load of wood. They had real cash flow problems and it needed to be fixed fast.

Solution: With the client's financial reserves exhausted, including lending facility through their bank, Fifo Capital was quickly able to ascertain they had good, reliable debtors. Within 48 hours we had advanced 80% of $27,000 worth of invoices . The client was soon able to meet the next round of orders as well as pay staff.

Case Study 4: Manufacturing Company, Auckland New Zealand

Problem: A manufacturing company with a turnover around $1,000,000 pa was experiencing excellent forward orders for their new product which had taken considerable resource to develop; the only problem now was the debtor ledger was increasing rapidly but the payments being received were not keeping up with the cash flow needed to now fund the business. John the owner turned to his bank for an increase in their facility but they could not assist as the security on Johns home and other assets and were not enough to support the additional funding.

Solution: Johns bank referred him to Fifo Capital, and within a couple of days John had selected some debtors invoices for which he would like to be paid. Fifo Capital paid him 90% of those invoices and the pressure was off. John continues to pass some larger debtors to Fifo Capital as he needs to, and his business continues to grow.

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