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Q. How much money will we get?
A. Typically, you receive up to 90% of the invoice value up front, in cash, and the balance less our fees on payment by the customer.

Q. How long will it take before we receive the funds?
A. For a new client, approximately 24 hours.  For existing customers usually a couple of hours.

Q. How much are your fees?
A. Our fees are based on a sliding scale that is disclosed to you upfront so there is no misunderstanding or surprises.  They range from 2.5% of the invoice value and increase depending on how long it takes to collect the payment from the debtor.  There are no documentation or administration fees.

Q. If we use your services, will our customers think that our financial position is unsatisfactory? 
A. Debtor finance has become so well established that it would not be uncommon if your customers already deal with other clients using similar finance arrangements, or they may even use it themselves.  During 2003 the total volume of business handled by factoring companies around the world was over €760 billion. Factoring is rapidly becoming an obvious business tool for companies.

Q. Can we factor our consumer receivables?
A. No, we only deal with business to business transaction.

Q. Will you collect our old accounts for me?
A. No, we are not a debt collection agency.

Q. What if some of the invoices we sell you do not get paid?
A. In these rare circumstances (and they are rare as we do our own credit searches), you will have either chosen to insure the invoice and therefore we will ask nothing from you, or if it is not insured, you will be required to repurchase the unpaid invoice from us and then either collect it from the customer yourself, or hand it to a debt collection agency to collect.

Q. If we use your services, can we still borrow money from other sources?
A. Yes.  Remember, we do not lend you money; we purchase assets (accounts receivable) from you.

Q. What if our business has already borrowed from a bank, can we still use Fifo Capital?
A. Yes.