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Go Green, NSW Australia (Client)
Fifo Capital were an integral part of getting our business growth happening. Using them to provide cashflow whilst waiting for government funds to flow into the business meant we could expand at three times the rate; this growth then led to the business being able to gain other contracts due our size. They were extremely flexible about payment timings and on call whenever needed. Their ability to alter the level of advancements against invoices meant we only had to pay for the part we needed advancing. There is no way a bank would be that flexible or reasonable in their costs. I would highly recommend their services to any developing business.

Health Foods and Supplements Business; Nelson, New Zealand (Client)
We were experiencing rapid growth and we needed to process ahead of time to meet demands over our seasonal shutdown period. This creates huge pressure on cashflow which traditional banks have been unwilling to address. Fifo’s invoice discounting has allowed us to keep a positive cashflow and meet the demands of our customers. All our requests have been met with the minimum of fuss and the process is very simple to use. I would happily recommend both yourself and Fifo Capital.

Packaging Company; Victoria, Australia (Client)
Fifo Capital easily met my short deadline and delivered exactly what he promised at a time when the growth of my business required our debtor funds to survive. Fifo Capital's support allowed our business to grow at a rate that would not have been possible without this funding facility.

Croftpak Limited; Christchurch, New Zealand (Client)
The Fifo factor has impacted very positively on cash flow allowing us to focus on day to day running of our Business. This in turn has allowed us to continuing growing sales. The service is extremely easy to use and no fuss forms make a simple task of application…

Your Business Angels group, VIC Office Australia (Business Partner)
When we need a quick cash flow problem to be solved for a client we call FIFO. Whether a client needs one invoice factored, or a short term solution to get CASH –we find a call to FIFO is always worth it – FIFO wants to do business, and usually a description of the clients business, the type of invoice and business (debtor) and what we are trying to achieve means that we have a positive response. Then the FIFO team does the work. They contact our client and work though very quickly to solve problems, get the facility in place and answer all our clients’ queries.

CRC Business Solutions, QLD Australia (Business Partner)
We are a specialist firm in Business Recovery and Turnaround work and a number of our clients are in distressed situations. Some of the early signs that a business is in trouble is its lack of or none existing cash flow. The relationship that CRC has built with Jarrod Tame at Fifo, has enabled us to generate cash flow, through invoice factoring. Jarrod’s expertise and personal touch with clients allows him to come up with the best scenario’s. Each case is different so it needs to be looked at case by case, which Jarrod does very well. The outcomes have allowed us to do a full 360% turnaround of clients in a very quick time frame. Knowing we can pass our clients onto Jarrod with the utmost confidence is so valuable in our line of work.

Roading Construction Company, Christchurch New Zealand (Client)
Being a busy Asphalt/Construction company we were looking for cash flow solutions. Meeting with Dean from the Fifo group and hearing of their services, we knew this was exactly what we were looking for. The meetings and procedures were quick and no hassle with extremely good follow up and excellent contact, each and every month. We are rapt we have made the connection and enjoy the no hassle and positive moves towards the future. We would highly recommend their services to any company.