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None of us wants to compromise with our sleep. Do you? Of course not! 

Most probably, you want to get a new mattress. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. Whatever, before going for a new mattress, you should ask yourself – “Is that mattress made up of good material or not?” 

From memory foam to flax, the Afterpay mattress is available in almost every material. And guess what? We’re going to show you the best material mattresses. 

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are usually of high quality. These are made from a mixture of polyurethane and various other chemicals that increase their density and viscosity. 

The memory foam mattress is known for supporting the body-weight evenly. 

Foam mattresses of different sizes such as double, single, king, and queen are available in the market. If you prefer branded single foam mattresses at an affordable price, Afterpay is offering them for less than $80. 

Cotton Mattress

Okay, we discussed enough foam mattresses, it’s time to talk about cotton mattresses. 

Cotton is durable and breathable and its fibre resists dust-mite naturally. The cotton mattress is often used for softness and padding.  

Afterpay produces the best cotton mattress. If we talk about kids’ mattresses, they’re good at making them. Your kid can get a balloon cot mattress for less than $90. Isn’t this great?

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are of three types: natural, blend, and synthetic. Afterpay latex mattress is mostly available in double and king-size. 

Do you know how latex mattresses are made? 

These are made from natural latex, which is obtained from rubber trees. 

Before getting the final finished mattress, manufacturers mix the natural latex with ammonia, gel-like substance, and antioxidants. This way, blend latex retains heat and becomes denser. 

Beware, this mattress type might have a strong odour because these are made with harsh chemicals and volatile organic compounds. If you have a problem or allergy with the smell, don’t go for it. 

By the way, synthetic latex mattress also have a strong odour just like blended latex ones. Synthetic latex is produced in a laboratory with petroleum-based ingredients.

Flax Mattress

Linen fibres are obtained from flax plants. Flax is a natural fibre. Hence, this is eco-friendly and sustainable, as well. 

Flax mattress keeps your body comfortable and cool while you sleep at night after a tiring day. Believe it or not, this type of mattress makes you feel soothing and relaxed.

Flax has antibacterial properties. In that case, your sleeping environment becomes hygienic as well. Do you know flax is often combined with wool to prepare mattresses? 

Other materials used in mattress add-ons

Apart from mattresses, Afterpay also provides mattress bases, pillows, and protectors. 

Polyester fibre and cotton are used to make pillow tops and mattress covers. It’s also used as a filling for pillows. You can sleep or sit comfortably keeping those firm and medium-sized pillows by your side or in the back.

Polyester fibre is a highly flammable substance because it contains residue of chemicals that are used in manufacturing processes. That’s why it’s often used as plastic.

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