A Beginner’s Guide to Take Care of Camping Gear

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August 7, 2020
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If you want to explore camping, you should keep your camping gear as close to your heart as possible. If you don’t, your camping gears may spoil the trip. 

The only way to make a camping tent, sleeping bag, backpack, and other equipment last long is care. As a matter of fact, such care would make your next camping setup wonderful. 

Whatever, we are going to tell the best possible way to store all the camping equipment in an organised manner. Are you ready? Okay, let’s begin!

Here’s What You Should Do with Camping Chairs and Tables

Camping chairs and tables help you sit freely. Besides, they can also make it easy to put food and gadgets. To take care of camping chairs and tables, you should follow the below-mentioned things.


camping chairs
Camping Chairs & Tables
  • When you are about to come back from a camping spot, make sure to shake camping chairs & tables well to remove pebbles, sand, and other dust particles.
  • Don’t use water for cleaning because of corrosion issues. The body parts of camping chairs are usually made of metal or carbon steel.
  • Never put camping chairs in the dryer. Just keep them in a dry corner of your room so that they can dry out naturally. Otherwise, corrosion will take place again.


Is Your Camping Tent in Good Shape? 

When you go on a camping journey, a tent becomes the safest place. Now the concern is – how would you protect your shelter? 

To take care of a tent, you should follow the below-mentioned tactics.

  • Use mild soap or hand liquid to wash your tents. Don’t use washing machines or dryers as they can affect the tent’s protective fabric. And yes, clean its poles and zippers too. After that, remove the water with a dry cloth and let it dry completely.
  • After purchasing tents from any camping gear selling stores, keep your camping tent in a completely dry and non-humid place. It will resist the damp.
  • Although we sell the best fabric pop up tent , we recommend you to take care of the tent from ultraviolet rays. You can also use a rain-fly to make a protective shield over your tent. Most importantly, erect tents in such a place where the direct sunlight can’t reach.


Do Your Camping Mats Need Any Change?

Camping mats will be a true friend on your camping journey. In that case, you need to take good care of them.

If you already have a good camping mat, that’s good. If you don’t, you can get a comfy and light camping mat on our website. 

Now, here’s what you can do to keep camping mats safe.

  • If water is accumulated in your camping mat, it will become a stinky mould in a few days. To avoid that unfortunate circumstance, store your camping gear in a dry place. Also, clean it with a soft brush, cloth, or sponge.
  • Never blow your camping mattress by mouth. If you do that, microorganisms and moisture will together create an intolerant odor in the mat’s filling. 
  • Do you know there’s a thing like a leak detector? Well, it can help you find a hole or tear in a self-inflating mat. If you don’t have those, rub soap-water over the camping equipment
  • Don’t worry if some bubbles pop up while cleaning, you can still remove them using a repairing kit, which is available in the market. 

Do you know what’s good about foam mats? They’re useful even after minor damage because the insulating properties of such mats don’t get affected easily. That’s why we’re a fan of foam mats. You can see many foam mats on our website. 


Wanna Know More about Sleeping Bags?

Do you think you can feel safer while sleeping in a sleeping bag in your camping treasure? Be aware of its smell though! Here’s how you can avoid the odor. 


sleeping bags
Sleeping Bags
  • After amazing hiking, you may not want to bother about changing clothes. The problem is – you have to sleep in clean clothes inside a sleeping bag. If you don’t, then dirt and sweat from your body will get absorbed in the sleeping bag, which will eventually make its life span short. 
  • When you are in the middle of nature, the temperature will go beyond your expectation. Use a sleeping bag-liner made of cotton or polyester. This will keep the sleeping bag cleaner and warmer. 
  • Keep the sleeping bag under fresh air during your every trip day. This will restrict the bad smell building in your bag.


Is Your Backpack Alright?

A backpack is your all-time companion. When you’re busy hiking, camping, and exploring nature, it carries all the essential equipment.  

Here are some useful tips to keep your backpack in good condition.

  • Keep the content evenly in the backpack so that you can avoid overload.
  • Before loading the backpack, get ideas about its load-bearing capacity. If it gets overloaded, seams, zippers, and shoulder straps will be overstrained.
  • Never place a backpack over a watery surface to avoid the humidity. 
  • Never put it over any sharp edges or objects. That might make a hole in it, which is the last thing you want. If you ever find a hole, make sure to buy a new one from our website. 
  • Wash backpacks with warm water and never put them in a dryer or machine.

What about Other Camping Equipment ?


Camping Equipment


Other camping equipment like fridge, stove, kayaks, and water filters are as important as main equipment. Here are a few handy tips.

  • Keep portable camping gear under shaded places.
  • Do not open the fridge lid again and again.
  • Clean camping gear thoroughly and gently after returning from every expedition.
  • Seek out for clear water to make water filters last long.
  • Follow the user manuals and guidelines given by the manufacturers. This way, you will get ideas about the capacities of your camping gear.

The Bottom Line 

Look! All the above-mentioned tricks and tips about camping are based on true experiences. So, we’re not only here to sell camping gears, we’re here to bring the best solutions for your camping needs. 

Are you ready to go on an amazing camping journey? Yes, you are!



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