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App Testing and its Advantages and Disadvantages

App Developing is getting better and better every day. Hundreds of applications are added to application markets every day.


Hundreds of Young App developers are getting into app developing every day. There are a lot of aspects of App developing that these Developers should be aware of.


Today, we will be discussing one of the important aspects of App developing- App Testing.


App Testing has been done by millions of App developers around the Globe to test their applications before making it live on Google play store or App Store.


Did you know that you can simply test app using test dpc apk, it had helped a lot of devs to check the working condition of their apps.


How important is App Testing?


Well, app testing is very important if you want to give your users a bug-free experience. Before giving the access to users, it is better to test the app yourself so that you can cross check about the bugs or errors.


You can ensure that whether the application is User-friendly or not. This will help you to deliver a good experience to your users and fewer complaints.


If you find any error/issue/bug while Testing the application, you can simply resolve that particular bug. Hence, there will no bugs at the final Testing.


This was the importance of App Testing. Let’s now have a look at the Advantages and Disadvantages of App Testing.


Advantages of App Testing


  • The biggest advantage of App Testing that it makes the user experience better. Users will notice fewer bugs/issues while using the application for the first time as you have already fixed the bugs from your side at the Testing stage.


  • Wise App Testing will result in fewer complaints and negative reviews from the users of the application. More positive reviews will attract more users.


  • A developer can get to know the experience that a user will feel in his usage.


Disadvantages of App Testing


  • Sometimes, App Testing takes a lot of time. Finding bugs and issues is not an easy task. You need to surf through all the features of the application to find out the bugs/issues. You also need to test the same application on different types of devices. It can even take a long time to test out bugs or issues on your application.


  • Too much of Testing can result into a boring start also. As Developer won’t feel good to use his own application thousands of times just to find issues with it.


  • App Testing can even cost you incase you hire some other developers or users to find out the bugs/issues in the application.




We will definetly recommend any developer to test out his/her application as it will lead

To a secure and convenient start and users won’t face too many issues with the application.


App Testing can be done by many applications easily which helps you test your applications before uploading it on Google play store or app store.


This was a tutorial on App Testing and its Advantages and Disadvantages. You can Subscribe to our newsletter more Tech brewed content.

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