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April 19, 2018
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Looking for Sofa? First You should check Top Picks For Sofa from our E-commerce Product Reviewer/Experts.


Bought a new house? Or do you consider redecorating your house? Whatever your plans are, a sofa that suits your lifestyle and comfort needs is a must consider factor.

HR – Sports Afterpay store has a good range of sofas made with high-quality materials.

Here are our recommendations –


A simple PU leather sofa that fits into any budget. It is made with a solid wooden frame that is filled with high-density foam. The legs are made up of metal for better support. The sofa is decently comfortable and is very sturdy. It comes with 2 pillow sized armrests for extra comfort. As it is fairly small in size, it is very practical and utilizes less space. The backrest comes with 3 adjustable modes, also it can be completely folded down and be carried around easily.

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If you are on a moderate budget then this sofa is the best buy for you. It is a 3 seater sofa that can be turned into a comfortable full-size bed. It is made with faux linen fabric to provide good comfort. The middle panel can be folded down to reveal 2 hidden cup holders. The armrest cushion has wooden straps so that it can be removed easily and the legs are made of wood to give the sofa a distinctive look.

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This is a premium sofa made with the highest quality PU leather, the grid patterns provide more comfort. This sofa can be transformed into a recliner and also into a bed. The armrests come with cup holders and storage pockets making them very practical. The structure of this sofa is made of wood for sturdiness. It comes with smart box packaging so that it can easily be set up. The sofa is highly practical and it saves a lot of space.


You can Buy these Awesome Sofas from Hr-sports: Afterpay store in Australia

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