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April 19, 2018
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Ever wondered about the various sizes of mattresses, multiple material choices and thousands of designs and texture of a mattress? If you have ever visited a market for purchasing a mattress or surfed through multiple sites, you may have felt overwhelmed by the varieties and, at the same time, curious to get all the information about the same. In this blog, we will let you know all that you need to know about a single mattress, like the major differences between the single mattress than other mattresses available in the market, consisting of material in mattress, size and many more. 

Single MattressWith this blog’s assistance, you will be able to see through a special informative lens and be able to pick the one that is best suitable for you. Get ready to jump into the huge pool of useful information. 

Various sizes 

The significant and obvious difference between any mattress is its size. The size of single mattress is 92cm*187cm whereas king single is 106cm*203cm , double size is 137cm*187cm, queen size is 153cm*203cm and king size is 183cm*203cm. Based on the measurements, one should decide which mattress will be most suitable for their requirements. If you are living alone, a single size fits your requirements best, but if you are tall, maybe a king-size is your ground. Going further, if you are sharing your bed with someone, then a queen size mattress is recommended to you and lastly, if you have family, a king is your size. Single MattressBesides the people sharing the bed, the space available to you profoundly impacts your preferences. Let’s say you don’t have enough area in your bedroom to fit a king size mattress, although you want to. Other than the mentioned above factors, you should also consider your choices if you have teens at home. Their growing nature will need a bigger and wider mattress in the future. So think of a long run and buy a king single mattress for them rather than a single size. 

Material Single MattressThe material used in a mattress matters more! Whether you are buying a single mattress or any other, you should always focus on the material. There are multiple choices available in the market. Some of the most popular are latex, pocket spring, memory foam, encased coil, duck feather and goose feather material. If you want to buy with Afterpay mattress options, click here to get exclusive offers. Besides material, you should also keep in mind other essential features of a mattress that makes it durable. Features that provide real comfort to your mattress are high-density of foam, medium firmness, breathability, hypo-allergenic materials and no turn technology. 

After knowing about the various sizes and materials of mattresses, here are some advantages and disadvantages of a single mattress. First, let’s take a look at the pros of a single size.  


Single MattressUnlike other sizes, single mattresses are quite useful in many different ways. It is easy to port and adjustable even in small places. You can creatively use your mattress too. For example, if your mattress is not in regular use, just place it in your hall and it is a kind of sofa for your guest and yourself too. Moreover, you can place a book-shelf or create a space around the single mattress of your choice, to feel the vibes of luxury. 

Perfect fit for elderly and kids 

Single mattresses are the best solutions for those who need their own comfy space. This generally includes senior citizens and younger generations. People who get out of their bed for pee or water break are most suitable for the single mattress, as no one else will get disturbed by their activities. Even siblings who share their room but need their own enough space can use two single size mattresses rather than a double bed mattress


Single MattressIt is not possible for everyone to spend thousands of dollars on their mattress requirement. If you need a double size but couldn’t afford that, you can consider buying two single mattresses and combining them. This has additional benefits too. Separate them in the morning and create more space in Rome around. Single mattresses consume a lot less space compared to other sizes. 

Now let’s look at a few downsides of single mattress size 

Congested area 

Some people may find it hard to fit themselves into a single size. As many people have a habit of rolling into bed or occupying almost half of double size, they may find it awkward to comfortably sleep with a single size. 

No sharing 

It is not for people who would like to have some company while sleeping. Be it pets, a partner or a kid, you can not share your expression of love on a single mattress. 

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