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The art of tattooing

Nowadays, the art of tattooing is becoming a very marketable business in the world. Teenagers are very keen on getting permanent tattoos to be cool and trendy without knowing its effects. Tattoos are considered as modern art though it originated way back.

What is tattooing?

Tattooing is a very old art form involving inking letters, symbols or designs on any part of the body on a permanent basis. Tattoos were applied for various reasons. Tattoos were even used to mark black slaves, prisoners and battalion numbers. Today, the art of tattooing evolved from symbols and numbers to designs. Each and every tattoo serves its own meaning.

 How are tattoos done?

First, the selected body part will be cleaned using a razor. It must be hairless so that the needle goes along with the design. Later, the design will be drawn on the part. The area is again cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or any antiseptic liquid. Then a thin layer of ointment like petroleum jelly is applied to the area. Using a tattoo machine with sterile needles attached, the artist will be drawing on the stencil marks. Needles will be changed based on the design given to the comfort of the artist. All needles will be single used as it might cause a disease to other when it is already used on an infected one. The finished area will be cleaned and covered with a bandage for at least 24 hours.

Taking care of them is important.

After removing the bandage, avoid scratching on the tattoo area for some days. You must avoid clothes that stick on the tattoo. Wash your tattoo in with soap and warm water and do the pat drying. Apply antibiotic creams every 2 to 3 days and never allow sun rays to fall on your healing tattoo. Generally, it will take, 2 weeks to heal completely.  In case of bleeding and rashes formation, it is very much advised to contact the doctor.

The expansion of the business.

Tattooing business is slowly gaining its ground all around Australia. Nowadays, you can find several tattooing parlors in each and every streets of Melbourne. It is always better to leave a task like tattooing to experts rather than doing it by yourself. It is advisable to find the best and reputed artist and parlor rather than going to a noob and get a dodgy tattoo. The TSM will take that burden off your heads and give you the details of tattoo parlours melbourne open late.

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