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July 14, 2020
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There is nothing more fancy and beautiful than decorating a kids’ little room. You feel the magic of the world when you see your child playing with kids toys you have bought for them and enjoying it with their radiant smile. What can more miraculous a mother expect? But before you get this feeling, you have to set up your little one’s room with utmost care without compromising on the fun and exciting part, little tough, right? We know it and hence we are presenting you with a list of things you should consider whether you are purchasing kids furniture or kids toys. In this blog, we have noted down a list of items that will be helpful to you in your Afterpay kids furniture and toy shopping.

In the modern age, there are endless numbers of product ranges available for kids toys including kids furniture, baby walker, balance bike, monkey bar, swing and slides. Not only that there are also other subcategories available in the market like adventure toys which includes quad bikes and dirt bikes. You name a thing and it will be in the kids toys world too. 

Kids are prone to more dangerous physical harm when playing with any stuff or just roaming around as even the tiniest thing can harm their little and soft body parts. Kids furniture is not only an adult’s furniture in smaller sizes but a lot more than that. Your little one perceives each thing as kids toys and starts playing with it, it could be a simple bed or a table and they will start climbing on it or try to stand up with its support. When this is the case, you have to be extra careful of your child’s surroundings.

What should you look in kids furniture and toys  

One of the most significant things to consider is the material of a product. A product material for a child should be softer, more gentle and harmless in each way. If you are buying kids toys, make sure that they are covered with durable and high-quality fabric. Or if they are playing with plastic stuff, make sure they don’t get hurt by the firmness of it. Look for durable and sturdy materials. The same applies to the kids’ furniture too, ensure the wood’s quality before making your decision.

Say no to corners
Another feature that you should strongly consider is “no corner” or “no dangerous curves” in kids furniture and toys. Avoid buying a table that has sharp edges and endings, instead buy a table with a round shape or which has safe curves. Other than that, in slides opt for the one which has a low height and no sharp bends. Furthermore, if a toy or a piece of furniture has slippery material, it is an open invitation to accidents; so make sure your choices are matching with kids safety standards. 

Bright colours and exciting features
Who is not fond of eye-catching colours, but when it comes to children, they love it even more. Colours like Yellow, Red, Green and Pink are most common and widespread in kids furniture and toys. Besides colour, also look for other elements which enhance your child’s growth along with their enjoyment. For example, in a baby walker look for an embedded music system so your child can feel motivation and curiosity regarding music direction. At Kids Pretend Toys, you will find baby walkers with learning activity features. Some of our walkers have blocks and 3D shape sorters along with the storage compartment. Furthermore, if you are buying a monkey bar, make sure they are not as heightened that it becomes impossible for your child to reach there. Secondly, examine the bar material and make sure that it is appropriate for your kid.

Quality and durability
Consider buying kid toys that are of premium quality and long endurance. Your child may get older, but before that, they spend a lot of time playing with their toys. Providing a high quality will ensure the child’s safety and durability will offer long time enjoyment to your little one.

Purchasing kids furniture and toys can be expensive sometimes, though they are long term investments. Understanding your economic preferences and limitations will help you to narrow down your options. Nevertheless, one should not compromise on the quality of a product or services. If you have a limited budget, consider buying one product instead of choosing multiple with lower standards.

After-sales services
After-sales service holds equal value as that of the product value. Review the after-sales policies and terms and conditions before concluding your shopping options. At Kids Pretends Toys, we offer an excellent level of after-sales services including user-friendly terms and conditions, warranty period along the support of customer care executives. Not only that, but we also facilitate our clients with Buy Now Pay Later options, so that they can make their payment in instalments with AfterPay, ZipPay, LayBuy, LatitudePay and Humm. We ship our products to all major parts of Australia with the fastest delivery services.

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