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July 14, 2020
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Many of us have gone through the hassles and pain of hand washing all the laundry at home, isn’t it? Buy on Washing machine Afterpay, washing clothes turned easy. Technology entered as a big helping hand in our homes and became an essential part of our lives.

Since technology is a boon for us in many ways, the invention of the Washing Machine Afterpay is indeed a big delight in itself. Think, what if we still had to hand wash our laundry in our busy lives every day? When you come home tired after a hard day at work and find the washing load waiting for you if you own a washing machine, it’ll simplify your task.

washing machine afterpay

At Shopy Store, we have a vast range of premium quality washing machines available in varied load capacities. In this blog, we’ll share the information related to all the washing machine types that we sell.

  • Top load washing machine

The top-load machines tend to work fast, cost-effective and have large drum capacities. It is due to their shape and size; they’re best suited for laundry rooms than kitchens.

  •  Many top load machines have an agitator (pole in the centre of the drum) that rotates back and forth to move the clothes around. The agitators are highly effective but restrict the space inside the drum. 
  • Top loading washing machines also come with an impeller or pulsator mechanism. It is gentle on clothes and there is more space for bulky items such as doonas.
  • Front-load washing machine

The front-load machines consist of a spinning drum, making them gentle for clothes. Their compact design makes them ideal for smaller spaces. They’re easy to use, efficient and effective.

  • When compared to top-loading machines, front loader washing machines prove gentle on clothes. If you have a significant number of delicates in your wardrobe, then a front loader is the best option.
  • The front-loading machines are more water and energy-efficient than top loaders (check for efficiency on specific models).
  • Front-load washing machines have faster spin speeds so that you get your washing dried quicker. High spin speeds can damage your delicates so think if you’ll use this feature.
  • Portable washing machine

The portable machine is ideal for students and camping purposes. Also, they’re perfect to use in areas with less space such as kitchens, caravans and motorhomes. Easy to carry and use, they have a powerful pulsator that washes and cleans well. Their wash, spin dry, rinse and self-drain functions operate well with 15-minute timer control.

  • Washing delicates is easy and the washing machine is gentle on all the fabrics with smart wash cycles.
  • With a portable design, the machine operates silently. It also has features like a built-in handle and a detachable filter.

   Apart from that, we also have a range of quality tumble dryers that eases the process of drying your clothes.

washing machine afterpay

Tumble dryers

The tumble dryers are perfect for drying your laundry after washing with the best results using the latest technology. These dryers will efficiently deliver you dried and fresh laundry every time.

  • Above the standard drying mode, an air-drying mode air dries the dry cleaned clothes entirely even if the clothes are damp or half-dried. Besides, it also dries clothes in long storage and has a delicate mode for drying the delicate garments.
  • The smart humidity sensor detects the moisture of garments to automatically turn off the dryer once drying is done.
  • Convenient in use, it saves energy as the running time automatically adjusts depending on the state of the laundry.

At Shopy Store, we always strive hard and keep adding the newest washing machine sale to our collection. Affordably-priced, our washing machine Afterpay reaches you from Devanti – one of the leading brands in Australia. Quality is never an issue when you’re with us! The washing machine Afterpay we sell arrives premium in quality. Sturdy construction, powerful functions and features make these machines stand amongst the best-selling in Australia.

We assure you of a smooth online shopping experience at our virtual store in Australia. For this reason, we have partnered with the unique payment service – Buy Now, Pay Later. Through the payment service, we facilitate all our esteemed customers to buy their desired machine now without paying anything and pay for it afterwards. At checkout, select your payment method from Afterpay, Zippay, Humm, LayBuy and LatitudePay. Whether you’ve run out of cash or feel that the washing appliance doesn’t fit your budget, you can still buy the machine of your choice.

Don’t worry as you can pay your instalments in easy slices with no interest at all. Now sit back and relax as we deliver your order right at your doorstep in most parts of Australia with the minimum delivery time possible.

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